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Meeting the highest demands, considering all particularities indicates the prestige and status.


IDENTITY is an atelier engaged in the design and manufacture of unique vehicles that are personalised according to the wishes of each customer. Its exclusivity lies in each one's unique nature and the use of fine materials.

The brand logo represents the Iberian Lynx. An agile animal, feline, wild, native to the Iberian Peninsula and one that transmits

a personal, free and independent spirit just like each one of our unique products.

One of the main pillars supporting our philosophy is the guarantee we provide regarding the unique nature of each IDENTITY that leaves our factory.

With that in mind, we issue a Certificate of Uniqueness with each vehicle to record its colours codes, exclusive features, and specific design configurations in order to prove that the company will never build another vehicle exactly the same for a different customer. 

IDENTITY is a specialist in the design and manufacture of sport cars of high range, luxury boats and advanced innovative solutions.

Our company continuously invests in our I+D+i Department and IDENTITY's high-skilled, qualified technical team of engineers and designers to create the best products.

Our priority is an exceptional quality of production and excellent performance and solid design in all our products and developments.  

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