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Style, performance and ability summarise the design for the new Carreira C1 concept - intended as a luxurious runabout and occasional ‘weekender’ or exclusive tender to a large superyacht.

The Carreira C1 project came about as a result of an idea about a sleek and stylish boat concept to complement the launch of our prototype supercar IDENTITY Y2.

Onlookers will find it hard not to notice more than an intentional family resemblance between both car and boat. Various subtle details, such as the steering wheels and elements from the dashboard styling, for example, will be common to both. While not forgetting that each time a boat is produced, adherence to the same kind of manufacturing tolerances that apply to car manufacture, will apply in equal measure to the boat.

Technical Specifications:

LOA / Length Overall:

13.30 m

LWL / Length Waterline:

10.70 m

Manga Máxima / Bmax:

3.67 m

Calado (Plena Carga) / Draft (Full load):

0.53 m


6,150 Kg

Motor / Engines (Max):

2x525 // 2x700 Hp


500 lt


1200 lt

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