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The IDENTITY Y2 was successfully presented at the Top Marques Monaco in 2011.

The IDENTITY Y2 was awarded for the highest standard of quality by Autobello MADRID Motor Show 2011 organised by the prestigious magazine "CAR" and "Señor Marques" in Spain.

The IDENTITY Y2 is the only automobile with a grand touring bodywork and 4 seaters configuration in the sector of super cars.

These features, together with its unique design and the good reputation of the company, have been the basis for the Y2 ́s success.

The objective of the IDENTITY Y2 is to consolidate our brand as a world reference in the construction of luxury cars.

This is a four-seat GT that pretends to revolutionize the international market of luxury coupes, combining an exceptional quality of production, excellent performance and a solid design.

The IDENTITY Y2 has a V12 engine and a Monocoque Chassis (Aluminium, Steel, Carbon Fibre & Kevlar). The chassis was designed totally by our technical team. 

The IDENTITY Y2, of 4.97 meters long, presents a very marked body lines made of carbon fiber, a large trunk and a capacity to accommodate four passengers to travel with comfort because of its generous dimensions and an advanced technology.

Moreover, the needs of any driver are more than satisfied thanks to the advanced aluminum chassis and carbon fiber that guarantees first-class agility which was developed entirely by IDENTITY

The engine V12 of IDENTITY Y2 delivers over 520 hp and guarantees exceptional performance.

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