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In line with the nautical philosophy of the brand, the first thing that grabs your attention when looking at the IDENTITY Y2 is its aggressive front end.Inspired by the shape of a shark, one first sees the two characteristic bixenon headlights that are reminiscent of a shark´s eyes and then the imposing front grille that represents the strength and courage of a born predator.

The side air intakes are a symbol of the latest generation aerodynamics that are based on the anatomical structure of a Great White.

These features and the application of the latest aeronautical technologies to both the structural calculation and the treatment of the materials, result in some top-rate performance figures.

Thanks to its design and the light yet robust materials, the IDENTITY Y2 gives the driver a sensation of freedom and power only enjoyed be the King of Predators.

Following on from the above, the rear end of the car continues with the same nautical inspirations in terms of it's design and visually conveys the power of its V2 engine through its 4 High Tech exhausts located under a carbon aerodynamic deflector that matches the same material used for the front end.

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